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patiosounds are a band mainly based in Belfast, with three members originally from Antrim and one from Portrush.  The band consists of Christopher McCambridge on keys, Peter McFaul on guitar + vocals, Evonne Esler on drums + vocals and Brian Magee on bass guitar.

we are influenced by lo-fi, rock, art-rock, folk and dance music.  The result being  a rock band with a tinge of happiness.


01/06/04 - Auntie Annies - Belfast - 'the remote parts' documentary launch - with Sunways and The Betes Noire.

02/04/04 - Maddens Bar - Antrim - Charity fundraiser, with 'Copper Blue' and 'the Lingus'

25/03/04 - We now have and will hopefully set up a new and improved website, with our new domain name, in the near future.

17/03/04 - 'the crazy paving e.p is getting regular airplay on BBC Radio Ulster's 'Across the Line'. Lovin' it.

04/03/04 - Menagarie - Belfast - with DJ Parker, Fallout and the Throes. - Charity gig for Longstone Special needs school, organised by Andrew Gardiner. Quality night had by all. Cheers to Eamonn P Keyes for the sound. Raised good bit of money for charity.

25/02/04 - Katy Daly's - Belfast - with the Throes - First night of weekly showcase called, 'Stagefright'.

19/12/03 - Maddens Bar - Antrim - with Hunnilingus

12/12/03 - Antrim Forum - M.A.D.D Showcase - Very strange night. Played some songs to a funding commision who had given money towards the revitalisation of 'Musicians of Antrim District Development'. Members of the audience included live Owls.

29/11/03 - Menagarie - Sketchy, Belfast - with the Throes 

26/11/03 - 'the crazy paving e.p' got its first review.  John Earls, of Planet Sound (Channel 4 teletext) gave the demo 4 out 5!  See here.

19/11/03 -  Patiosounds got some airplay on BBC Radio Ulster's 'Across the Line' on Monday 17th Nov, with 'A new low' and on Wednesday 19th with 'Send out the Fanfare'.  Check it.

15/11/03 - the Katy Daly's gig was a great night.  We had loads of fun and enjoyed 'the Throes' a lot.  Thanks again to 'the Throes' 

12/11/03 - Katy Daly's - Belfast ( supporting 'The Throes')

05/11/03 - Front Page - Belfast

30/10/03 - 'the crazy paving e.p' is finished.

26/10/03 - gig in Mandela Hall was really enjoyable.  Quality night had by all.

24/10/03 - Mandela Hall - QUB student Union - 24th October 2003

(Patiosounds, Torgas Valley Reds, Red Sirus)

08/07/03 - gig in the Front page on the 6th went well.  We were pleased with the warm reception.  

06/08/03 - Front Page - Belfast - 6th August 2003- First gig.

(Cuckoo Rass, Patiosounds, Make-Believe Garden girls, Wiretap and No Less my life)

18/07/03 - gig confirmed for the 6th August in the Front Page (Belfast).  

07/03 -   working on our first demo, 'the crazy paving e.p.', which will be ready before the end of the summer

13/06/03 -  Runners-up in 'Country Cover' competition - narrowly missing out to Red Sirus in a closely fought battle.  We played two tracks - 'Wall of Death' (Richard Thompson) and 'Nine to Five' (Dolly Parton)

Clotworthy Arts Centre 'Country Cover' competition           12th June 2003 

(Kingfisher, Patiosounds, Sweet Misery, Red Sirus)